Thursday, August 13, 2009

Thinking of You Thursday.

David is on an adventure of sorts and doesn't
have the time of day for me! So today I will
be showing you one cat and one dog from the
Dallas SPCA that are really in need of a home!

First up is April!

This is one gorgeous dog that I have had the pleasure to meet.
She was released to the SPCA in May by her owners because
they were no longer able to spend time with her. She looks
like a Wirehair Jack Russell but not as small. Like most terriers,
April has a lot of energy and is always looking for some fun, which
is why she may not be cut out for a home with young children.
The SPCA has a training program for the dogs called
the Pet Enrichment Basic Training program which April is
apart of! She is being taught basic commands so she will fit better
into her new home!

And now I have for you, FiFi!

FiFi is a large kitty weighting in at 17 pounds!
Shes a five year old Siamese mix with the cutest blue eyes!
As you can see, FiFi loves being in boxes or any sort
of small space. She is a very sweet girl that loves a
nice lap to sleep on and be petted.

These lovebugs and many others are waiting at the SPCA
or your local shelter for a new home! If you cant adopt,
volunteer! It greatly helps these animals to be shown
some extra love. And trust me you'll get love back!


  1. Fifi reminds me of David, a bit!
    And April looks like an amazing puppy. So so so cute. I'm sure she'll get snatched up in a moment!

  2. Hi I saw you on Melvin's site and thought I would come by and meet you all! I look foward to reading more of your postings!!

  3. Fifi reminds me of a before kitty Tommy had: Brenner. Tommy says she would take every kitty and a dog from the shelter--but then she'd be on the 6pm news... :)