Sunday, August 9, 2009

Good morning, miłości!

Did you sleep well? What's that you say? You had
a dream you were chasing a rabbit? You caught it
you say? No wonder I have bite marks on my toes...

Anyways, here's a great find I stumbled upon at Lulu B's!
I just looooove collecting weird and different cat art.
It's just the cutest thing ever! The Framing is awesome and
that kitten is adorable! The only problem is the price tag D:
Originally $98, its marked down to $60 something. Instead I
bought a small framed black floofy kitten painting for about $5.
In the same pose of course.


    I love that painting! How cute! Although I could never bring myself to spend $60 on anything. I think you made a wise choice. Haha

  2. We came from Melvin's blog to say hai! Yoo shud check out The Cat Blogosphere fer other kitteh blogs and also yoo cud introduce yerself there.