Sunday, July 26, 2009

When I'm Not With David,

and actually have extra time I head out to the Dallas SPCA and
spend time with the kitties. (dogs too!)

The cats there have a pretty nice set-up. Large room with many places
for them to jump up on and lounge. BOXES AND BOXES FULL OF CATS!
More toys than any cat could dream of!
Every time I enter its kitty heaven! So many I can barely
contain myself! If it were possible and David wouldn't be jealous,
I'd be adopting everyone of those cats and spoiling them.
But sadly I am unable! So the next best thing I can do is spend time
with them and show them they're loved.

It's one of the most soothing environments I've been in.
Kitty after kitty rubbing and purring and cuddling!

I don't think anyone can stress enough: Spay! Neuter! Adopt!
If you're unable to adopt volunteer at the shelter and show them love!
They really need it and give you love back.

All the cats shown are out of the shelter and in a loving home.

Check out all the available animals at the Dallas SPCA or your local SPCA or shelter.

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